Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cthulhu Favors Public Option

R'LYEH, PACIFIC OCEAN - Great Old One Cthulhu leans toward a public option in the ongoing healthcare debate. "Though in no way human, I believe it's a basic human right for people to have good-quality, medical coverage." Pausing to crush a small vessel filled with screaming sailors, the colossal entity continued, "And to make that happen, you need a large entity like the government to wade in. Of course, there will be many new taxes, plus rationing to hold down costs." Cthulhu paused, staring off into the distance, sending out thought waves that would drive artists and sensitive folk mad on a half-dozen continents. "But that's the price a civilized nation pays for universal care." Leaning back against the wall of a strange, titanic temple constructed using non-Euclidean geometry, Cthulhu tugged thoughtfully at his facial tentacles. "But without getting all high and mighty, the healthcare argument doesn't really interest me. Once the stars align and we [Great Old Ones] return to rule earth, we're gonna crush everything and eat everybody, so get the government involved...or not. I roll either way." (Photo:

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Unknown said...

Interesting, funny, and insightful post! I really believe in the public option and especially since it's already working well in some states!