Thursday, March 22, 2012

'All Our Allies Punch Above Their Weight'

A Danish media fellow examines President Obama's remarks to foreign leaders. There is a certain sameness to them, I think, but you decide.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Republican War on Women Redux at The Conservatory

The kindly folks at The Conservatory have posted an article I wrote back in Feb. 2011 when the phrase "Republican War on Women" was first being beta tested.

Agoraphobia Parade Disappoints Again

Put away the lawn chairs. A sad day for Portland's agoraphobics as chronicled at DuhProgressive.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fonda's Vietnam Experience Used to Counter War on Women

NEW YORK CITY, NY - A feminist spokesperson said Jane Fonda's famous visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft unit gave her 'street cred' in battling the Republican War on Women. "Hearing the naked misogyny of Rush Limbaugh, it wouldn't surprise me if he had aircraft hidden in secret bases and ready to bomb women at the first opportunity," said Helen Gert-Vommer of Womyn's Media Monitors. "Jane's experience with an anti-aircraft battery should prove a nasty surprise to those who would silence our voices."
Jane Fonda awaits the next yankee devil attack.

Fonda, who 40 years ago took part briefly in the North Vietnamese War on American Aircraft, joined Gloria Steinem and Ms Magazine editor, Robin Morgan, in publishing an opinion piece on the CNN website calling for the FCC to remove radio host Rush Limbaugh. The conservative Limbaugh has been under fire for calling a 30-year-old reproductive rights activist a 'slut.' Added Gert-Vommer, "It's only a matter of time before Limbaugh utters a code word that will lead to Rwanda-style massacres of women in journaling classes, shoe stores, and yoga studios around the country."

Gert-Vommer hoped that the FCC would respond positively to the Fonda-Steinem-Morgan letter, but not until after the 2012 elections. "We need Limbaugh on the air until then for fundraising purposes. Otherwise, people might start talking about the economy or gas prices or how woman get raped in Iran, then lynched from a crane for dishonoring their families. Who needs stuff like that cluttering up the narrative?"
Image: SodaHead

Mark Steyn on Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda fighting the War on American Aircraft
"The face that launched a thousand boat people."
Image: Wikiality

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unions Will Go Door-to-Door and Annoy Voters for Obama

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka with President Obama prior to playing golf.
ALLENTOWN, PA - With the AFL-CIO prepared to endorse President Obama this Tuesday, labor leaders have announced that union members will go door-to-door and harass anyone who doesn't vote for the President's re-election. Union spokesman Kurt Manlicher of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees stated that the 2012 election is too important to be left to verbal persuasion. "Our union is under attack from lying Republicans who would oppose a lifeguard retiring at age 50 and drawing a pension of $106,000 every year for the rest of his life. What else can you call that but hate?"

According to Manlicher, union members will knock on doors and bother anyone not voting for Barack Obama. Tactics will include over talking, shouting down home owners, chanting slogans, and filming people's angry expressions so they can be spun in the media as proof of anti-union hostility. A spokesman for the Service Employees International Union stated their members will 'slow walk' in front of driveways making people late for work as well camping out on lawns and playing mawkish union songs on a badly-tuned guitar.

Manlicher believes government union workers have an advantage over private sector employees. "Our members can be out all day on union business, drawing full pay and benefits, and no one will even miss half of them. That's what we're fighting for."
Image: New York Times

Thursday, March 8, 2012

HBO to Film Derrick Bell Novel

Bell's nuanced book to see cable.
HOLLYWOOD, CA - HBO Films will forge ahead on a project based on controversial Professor Derrick Bell's fact/fiction book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism. Currently in pre-production, the film will weave together a series of short stories highlighting Bell's theory that racism is a permanent American feature and any belief in a progressive journey to equality is a "sugarcoated myth." Casting has been a closely guarded secret, but there are rumors that Danny Glover has been signed, pending his return from vacation in Cuba. In addition, sources inside the production have stated cameo roles are being written for Reverend Jeremiah Wright and New Black Panther Party President Malik Zulu Shabazz.

The film will combine statistics on white racism with fictional topics such as the selling of a license allowing white people to openly discriminate against blacks. Other tales involve the bombing of a Harvard president's office that kills all the black faculty, and a science fiction story about aliens who promise to solve Mankind's ills in exchange for all black people on earth.

"This is a story crying out to be told," said Producer Steven Harris-Silage. "Naturally, when the late Professor Bell (who died last year at age 80) discussed racism and depicted Jews as selling out African-Americans, he wasn't talking about anybody at HBO. I just know that deep inside." Slated to be called Faces at the Bottom, the film will stay true to the book's tone. "That may hurt some people's feelings," said Harris-Silage, "but we're HBO. We tell it precisely like it is. Just look at Game Change."
Image: Amazon