Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coach Hospitalized After Gatorade Bath

DULUTH, MN - Following a last-second victory in the Delco Battery Bowl, Mid-Eastern Iowa Coach Gibson Oblast sustained a concussion after his jubilant team dumped a tub of frozen Gatorade onto his head. Played in sub-zero conditions, the closely fought contest between Oblast's Mid-Eastern Iowa Corn Birds and the Southern Kentucky War Bears came down to a 34-yard field goal attempt on the game's final play. After the successful three-pointer lifted the Corn Birds to a 22 - 21 victory, several Mid-Eastern players emptied a Gatorade tub containing a solid block of greenish ice onto Coach Oblast's head. Said Mid-East assistant coach Rod Adelbard, "Our guys got excited and forgot Gatorade freezes when its four degrees out. We're running some drills, asking our young men to focus on fundamentals such as the consistency of liquids at various temperatures. We'll get it done." (Photo:

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