Friday, March 12, 2010

Rare Irish Dish Combines Corned Beef and Resentment

LOS ANGELES, CA - With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, families may wish to celebrate with these authentic dishes from the Emerald Isle via the Kwabler family. These rare recipes aren't found in any cookbook, but have been passed down over generations by my Irish relatives. So give one a try and savor the Celtic experience.

1. Corned beef and Resentment - Traditional corned beef prepared with a simmering side dish of antagonism over a past wrong, real or imagined, heated to a furious boil in the mind's crock pot.

2. Jameson and Air - Irish whiskey poured into a jelly tumbler and gulped at the dinner table while the rest of the family nervously eats something boiled.

3. Soda Bread and Shunning - Cooked for 70 minutes in a 9x5 loaf pan, the bread is served warm only to yourself since no one else at the table exists anymore.

4. Potatoes and Potatoes - Fine white, boiled potatoes, mashed up and presented on a bed of starchy tubers. For authentic flavoring, eat with a salted wooden spoon.

5. Cabbage and Violence - A boiled head of cabbage thrown across the table and followed up by a punch. Traditionally served during after-dinner card games and political discussions.

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