Friday, January 13, 2012

Taliban Vows Even More Stupid Vicious Brutality After Marine Desecration

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - Following the release of a video showing U.S. Marines urinating on dead guerrillas, a Taliban spokesman has promised to "take the gloves off." Said Mahood Abdul Mohammad, "This barbaric act will be met with even more acid thrown on school girls, more beheadings, and more walls pushed over to crush gay persons. Every donkey in every stinking village will have an IED shoved up its braying ass. We are outraged even more than our usual perpetual outrage."

Kabul residents have previously rioted and killed over a Florida pastor burning a Koran but have yet to take to the streets in response to this incident. Mohammad felt that the Kabul public may be "rioted out" and just resting up for the next eruption of hypersensitive rage coupled with the traditional murder of passing Westerners who had nothing to do with anything.

Marine snipers deliver "the yellow handshake."
State Department spokesman Roger Flassid demanded all four members of a USMC sniper team from Camp Lejeune be punished by court martial. "America's wars are hygienic wars," said Flassid. "Our troops must be tidy troops. It is every soldier's duty to avoid leaking on dead people who were trying to kill you."
Image: OttawaCitizen

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