Tuesday, March 22, 2011

'Glee' Creator Slams Slim Whitman

HOLLYWOOD, CA - In the latest round of Ryan Murphy vs. the Music Industry, the creator of the hit TV series Glee has savaged Slim Whitman after the retired country star declined to allow Murphy to license Whitman's 1952 hit "Indian Love Song." Fine," snapped Murphy. "But if he [Whitman] says 'no' to Glee then he's saying 'no to arts education in America. I just hope Mr. Whitman knows that without arts education children will be struck with pipes and burned alive in wicker cages. That's how vital it is." A spokesman for the 87-year-old Whitman declined comment.

Murphy has lashed out at groups such as Kings of Leon and the Foo Fighters for similar refusals and stands by the arrangements his show applies to licensed songs "We can make Nine Inch Nails sound like ****ing Justin Bieber," said Murphy. "You think that's easy?"

Insiders state the network is concerned about Murphy's vindictive snarky responses to musicians who refuse Glee a music license. Nevertheless, Fox denies Murphy is currently engaged in feuds with conductor Sir Simon Rattle of  the Berlin Philharmonic, and a man who plays the spoons on Sunset Boulevard.

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Unknown said...

What a complete dipstick. This pillock should get a life.

Anonymous said...

So i have never watch Glee but I do love Slim Whitman , so if he said no he mean it

Ling Carter said...

Murphy doesn't take 'no' very well.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of Slim Whitman for standing his ground. One of my favorite singers. Listen to some of his music and you will see.