Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outrage Greets California Tax on Grooviness

SACRAMENTO, CA - With support eroding for his plan to close a $27 billion dollar shortfall, Governor Jerry Brown ran into a firestorm of opposition over his proposal to tax grooviness. Defined as "a hip mellowness extending into all things including long periods of unemployment and drug arrests," grooviness has long been seen as a basic human right by a majority of Californians. "Why don't they tax the 15 Republicans still in the state?" said Sky Hamilton, a life coach. "Let the rest of us do our thing which changes frequently."

Carlos "Oye Como Va" Suarez, a pot holder salesman, felt the tax unfairly targeted really cool Californians. "Here we are, kicking back, going with the flow and they want to tax that? Those are the very things that put Jerry Brown in office and made this state what it is today."

Bartok "Loaf" Cummings, a licensed begging instructor, pointed out a flaw in anti-tax arguments. "If someone is really laid back, they'd be down with a tax. It's like a certificate that says you're officially cool. What could be groovier?" (Image: My Opera)

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