Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Urged to Try Rioting

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Frustrated by televised scenes of orderly Japanese waiting for water and other supplies, a New Orleans resident has urged the Japanese people to riot. "What are they waiting for?" said Charles Green, 41. "A written invitation?" Green felt that by refraining from looting and attacking fellow citizens the Japanese were missing out on a golden opportunity to shake loose some tension." Green referred to images of police helping Japanese victims instead of ransacking a store and fleeing with lap tops. "Short-sighted," said Green. "That's free stuff. Plus rioting is like a good long run. It releases what I call 'riot endorphins.'" Green hoped the U.S. government would dispatch self-absorbed, unruly Americans to Japan. "They could teach those Japanese to loosen up a little." Green thought  Charlie Sheen would be a good choice as well as a large portion of the Wisconsin Teacher's Union. (Image: Snopes)


Badger1911 said...

That's not funny, that's stupid. Maybe you jackass Americans should get your arrogant heads about of your collective asses. Maybe then Japanese innkeepers will stop putting "Japanese only" sings on their shops to keep arrogant foreigners like you out of them.

On the second thought, better not. If it keeps you lot away, it's good.

Ling Carter said...

Should we stay or should we go now?

Anonymous said...

It's not actually a demeaning to Japanese, it's a sadly accurate shot at a detestable habit of a certain part of the American population, you crummy, dishonest, envious citizen of a small country which doesn't own Nimitz class CVN's or an Amphibious Ready Group to send to the disaster zone. I'm fairly certain few shops in Fukushima prefecture are exclusive to Japanese only this month. Stupid.

But, if your country is making a contribution to helping the Japanese, good for you! May I suggest you try reading a little more carefully, and spew at someone who merits a good spewing. Jackass.

Mike James