Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Monopoly Game Updated for Hyperinflation

The Monopoly Man celebrates a cash tsunami.
PAWTUCKET, RI - Reviews are mixed on Parker Brothers new version of Monopoly which has been modified to include hyperinflation. Players are particularly upset that, along with the revised board, cards and tokens, they must also purchase a 14-pound stack of high denomination bills.

Parker Brothers defended the move, boasting that changes were based on suggestions from the Federal Reserve and the government of Zimbabwe. "Hyperinflation brings a hurry-hurry-hurry attitude to the game," said Craig Gottfried, spokesman for Parker Brothers parent company, Hasbro. "In the new rules, the price of everything triples every fifteen minutes. It adds a fun element of calculation."

But fans disagree. "It's [the new version] very awkward," said Monopoly aficionado Lonnie Greibling. "Instead of starting the game with $1,500 you now begin with $700,000. There's money everywhere no matter how hard you try to stack bills in neat piles. And if you land on Park Place and there's a hotel, you pay rent in money that's worth less than when the game started."

In other changes, a new Chance card has been added stating, You're Occupied! Should a player draw that, his properties are deemed overrun with protesters who lower the value by 30% each turn they are not evicted.

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