Monday, March 12, 2012

Fonda's Vietnam Experience Used to Counter War on Women

NEW YORK CITY, NY - A feminist spokesperson said Jane Fonda's famous visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft unit gave her 'street cred' in battling the Republican War on Women. "Hearing the naked misogyny of Rush Limbaugh, it wouldn't surprise me if he had aircraft hidden in secret bases and ready to bomb women at the first opportunity," said Helen Gert-Vommer of Womyn's Media Monitors. "Jane's experience with an anti-aircraft battery should prove a nasty surprise to those who would silence our voices."
Jane Fonda awaits the next yankee devil attack.

Fonda, who 40 years ago took part briefly in the North Vietnamese War on American Aircraft, joined Gloria Steinem and Ms Magazine editor, Robin Morgan, in publishing an opinion piece on the CNN website calling for the FCC to remove radio host Rush Limbaugh. The conservative Limbaugh has been under fire for calling a 30-year-old reproductive rights activist a 'slut.' Added Gert-Vommer, "It's only a matter of time before Limbaugh utters a code word that will lead to Rwanda-style massacres of women in journaling classes, shoe stores, and yoga studios around the country."

Gert-Vommer hoped that the FCC would respond positively to the Fonda-Steinem-Morgan letter, but not until after the 2012 elections. "We need Limbaugh on the air until then for fundraising purposes. Otherwise, people might start talking about the economy or gas prices or how woman get raped in Iran, then lynched from a crane for dishonoring their families. Who needs stuff like that cluttering up the narrative?"
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