Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sandra Fluke Demands Japanese Sex Robot

Sandra Fluke hopes Congress will provide colleges with Mr. Cuddle-San.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Law student Sandra Fluke has asked congress to provide college campus medical clinics with free male Japanese sex robots. The 30-year old Georgetown reproductive rights activist stated she was emboldened after a phone call from President Obama, congratulating Fluke on her recent congressional appearance where she demanded subsidized contraception. "Georgetown has no comprehensive program to provide either free contraception or free artificial sexual companions," said Fluke. "This is tantamount to a war on women." Fluke expressed a preference for the Mr. Cuddle-San model from Nakajima Industries. The robot has a silicon-based skin used in plastic surgery, an artificial heart that beats harder during sex, and a vocabulary limited to saying, "You're right about that, dear" in five languages. Congress has yet to respond to Ms Fluke's demand. Meanwhile there are unconfirmed rumors that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton possesses an advanced version of Mr. Cuddle-San known as 'Love Buffalo.'
Image: Metro

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