Thursday, February 3, 2011

INI Welcomes Gus Styman

In keeping with the latest custom of allowing none of life's moments to pass sans comment, INI has invited homeless tweeter Gus Styman to tap out his daily observations here in Los Angeles. Gus once had a job at Copy Palace near Koreatown but was fired for pilfering as well as immoral acts with a Minolta Bizhub 550 office copier. He lost his apartment after pawning the landlord's seeing eye dog. Gus survives through petty theft, panhandling and regular checks courtesy of California's Aid to Surly Reprobates Program. As dumpsterhunk, Gus will share earthy bon mots that graphically portray things we might've guessed ourselves or trite banal observances—the very heart of so many Tweets.

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