Friday, December 17, 2010

Polanski Denounces Assange as 'Sexual Creep'

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - The Ministry of Justice received an open letter from Roman Polanski, supporting Sweden in its attempt to extradite Julian Assange in connection with two cases of sexual assault. The award-winning, international film director urged prosecuting Wikileaks founder Assange as a way of upholding basic morality. Wrote Polanski:
"Dearest Government of Sweden:
Please try Julian Assange without mercy for his unbridled, callous actions. Have this depraved sexual creep thrown into your dankest prison where his fey, pale looks will ensure he is used like a prostitute aboard an aircraft carrier.
We in the arts community hold ourselves to a higher moral standard than society in general. (I attribute this to our greater sensitivity and empathy for others.) Thus artists everywhere were mortified that Assange would betray two woman, using them for his own selfish ends—an act unthinkable in cinema. Sweden has the opportunity—no!—the duty to show the world that notoriety and fame are no defense when it comes to elemental standards of decency.
I stand with the victims.
Roman Polanski
If it is necessary to hide the victims for their own good, I have a spare room in my Swiss villa."
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