Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheap Things to Do in NYC

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Despite being overtaxed and overpriced, New York features numerous activities that savvy tourists may enjoy for little or no money. Here's a quick list for your next Big Apple vacation.

Walk into Radio City Music Hall and view the wreckage of Charlie Sheen's Torpedo of Truth Show.

Order fries in a McDonald's and have them checked by Food Police, ensuring you're only eating as much salt as NYC public bureaucrats allow.

Go in winter and follow a tort lawyer around as he collects lawsuits from pedestrians who have slipped, fallen, or are deemed to have slipped and fallen on icy sidewalks.

Visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and take a virtual bank-bailout tour, illustrating how a proud, vigilant Fed watched quietly as greed and hapless government policies collapsed the economy.

Riker's Island Tour operates 24/7 but won't start until you throw a Slurpee on a cop. Then you're in the pipeline for a boat trip to a genuine prison island that's said to modeled after a John Carpenter film.

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