Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kloppenberg Victory Caps Sell On eBay

MADISON, WI - Ball caps reading 'WI Supreme Court Judge Kloppenberg Champ 2011' are available for purchase on eBay. "Sure, there may be a recount and all," said Wayne Gessler, aide to the assistant attorney general who declared herself winner with 204 votes before 7,500 votes were discovered for her incumbent opponent, "but it doesn't look good. Besides, we're gonna need money to pay for lawyers and challenges and pizza. Hopefully, our Kloppenberg victory gear will bring in a few bucks." In addition to the ball caps, there are Kloppenberg victory jerseys, barbecue aprons, pot holders, and a JoAnne Kloppenberg bobble head. Gessler states all the items are reasonably priced and durable. "They're union made," said Gessler, "so there's that."
(Image: dt)

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