Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Muslims Riot Over 'Walk Like an Egyptian'

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - Shouting anti-U.S. slogans Muslims erupted into the streets, killing 14 more people over a translation of the 1986 Bangles hit 'Walk Like an Egyptian.' According to U.N. worker Klaus Hibling, "From a loudspeaker, a mullah named Amanudin read a translation of the song in Dari and Pashto. He claimed the lyric 'doing the sand dance don't you know' was a mockery of Allah and all things Muslim. Amanudin cried that Allah would gobble up all believers in a ham pie if they didn't at once begin to burn and kill."

As crowds ransacked his apartment, Hibling hid in a  shower stall knowing it wouldn't be searched. "The Koran expressly prohibits touching plastic shower curtains with fish on them." During the riot, Hibling said Amanudin continued to incite the crowd over the loudspeaker. "He said that the lyrics 'Foreign types with the hookah pipes say Ay oh whey oh' were code words for 'teach a Muslim woman to read.' He also said Debbie Petersen only did backing vocals and didn't even play drums. On that song they used a drum machine. I don't know about that." Hibling felt it was fortunate that Islam was a religion of peace and not some brutal creed with many followers who were murderous, hypersensitive illiterates. "If that were true, people could really get hurt."
(Images: Wickipedia & Fox News)

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