Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lady GaGa CD to Contain Sexual References

NEW YORK CITY, NY -  In a move that surprised many fans, pop sensation Lady GaGa has announced her latest CD will contain lyrics heavy with sexual references, sexual metaphors, sexual innuendo, and in-the-clear cries for sex. "You can't stand still," said music critic Adrian Hansen. "Lady 'G' is tired of singing chaste ballads about unrequited love. I think her new CD, Muffin Machine, will demonstrate the sensual side of a performer mostly known for subtlety and nuance." Rumors abound that the video sizzles as Lady GaGa discards the modest costumes of her previous efforts and embraces a new, bizarre, artsy look that insiders are calling 'Martian prostitute.' Hansen states that despite the new steamy approach Lady G songs will continue embracing a wide range of issues facing young people today. Titles on Muffin Machine include "I'm Baying For Your Hot Fun,""Lust Ramp," "Humping My Way Back to You,""Let's Swap STDs," and the touching number, "I'd Blow a Pony for Your Kiss." (Image: top eleven lists)                                                                                          


Retriever said...

I'm Shocked. Shocked.

Ling Carter said...

Why throw it all away? That's what I don't get.

Kevin said...

Hahahaha known for subtlety? Isn't this the same artist that has been asking famous males everywhere to sign her vagina?
She is just looking for attention- seeking out social validation. Perhaps she wasn't hugged as a child. Or hugged too much; I don't know how it works.

Kevin said...

OH! i got trolled!