Saturday, March 21, 2009

Customers Stunned by Accurate Fortune Cookies

PORTLAND, OREGON - Ernie Kettler couldn't believe it. The 42-year-old Federal Express clerk had just finished lunch at 888 Chinese Restaurant. "I opened the fortune cookie and it said, 'Your energy and good cheer will be rewarded.' You'll never guess: next week, half the office got laid off and I wasn't one. How do you suppose a cookie knew that?" Other customers have come forward, announcing that 888's traditional, after-dinner cookies have predicted love, good fortune, and travel, all of which have occurred. When questioned as to how his fortunes are so accurate, restaurant owner Sung Tung Lee shrugged. "I buy large box. Box full of cookie. Cookie have fortune inside. What you want from me?" Nevertheless, Ernie Kettler is a believer. "I'm eating there nine times a week. My family is kind of sick of the food, but, hey, everyone needs an edge these days."
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Savvy said...

interesting.... and weird
but i love the info