Monday, May 18, 2009

Man to Wear Costume at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO, CA -  A thirty-eight year old fan of comic books and animation has announced he plans wearing a homemade Batman costume to this year's Comic-Con International. " I want to be the Dark Knight and I don't care who knows," said Trey Pfhenning. Pfhenning's bold move surprised even die-hard comic fans like Gale Krespot. "I don't know, dude. It's one thing to spend all your money on back-issues and boot-leg DVDs, its another to actually dress up as a character. I mean, in public...during the a crowded place." There was no official word from Comic-Con, but an insider close to the festival expressed concern. "I'm just worried this could frighten off serious collectors and turn our festival into a circus. Then what?"Digg! (Photo:


Steve Burri said...


You've got a fevah and you gonna need more than just cowbell.

Ling Carter said...

That's a championship pox if I ever saw one.