Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Biden Wounded by Hessian Cannon Ball

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA - In a discussion with Bosnian leaders over the violence their nation has experienced, Vice-President Joe Biden recalled the time his arm was blown off by a Hessian cannon ball at the Battle of Trenton. "There was this loud boom and I looked and, sure enough, my right arm was gone at the shoulder. You could say it hurt." Fought in 1776, the Trenton engagement between American and Hessian forces contains no record that Biden was present or even alive. In addition, Biden's right arm is intact and used frequently to scratch his hair plugs. Nevertheless, the Vice-President continued to insist his limb had been severed. "Tough luck," said Biden. "Did I mention they also shot down my helicopter with musket fire?"Digg! (Photo:


stickeenotes said...

Biden is an embarrassment, but the comedic fodder he provides is priceless. I'm thinking of sending him a gift basket filled with plastic fruit. The headline "Biden Chokes on Plastic Banana" is well worth the secret service attention.

Ling Carter said...

Gotta love the big nut.

Dutch said...

Mr. Bidden is too modest. Few recall his courageous stand at the battle of Saratoga, how he survived the Alamo and was cut down in the cornfield at Antietam. That he was blown to bits by the bomb that sank the Arizona is well known but how many know he was bayoneted by sadistic Japanese guards on the Bataan Death March or that he helped raise the flag on Iwo Jima? On Memorial Day its good to remember the many sacrifices our elected officials made in war time to keep us well and completely governed.