Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taxi Riders Subsidize Cabless Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Barack Obama announced a bill requiring all Americans to subsidize car service for those who can't afford it. Said the President, "A just society is measured by how many free taxi rides its least capable citizens receive." The "Hey, Cab!" Bill would require anyone approached by a "forgotten American" to hail a cab, or in certain rural areas, a town car, and prepay the fare. Added the President, "In some cases, an airport shuttle may be substituted for a cab. We're not inflexible." In order to weed out those taking advantage of the program, Obama suggested forgotten Americans be required to wear identifying garments. "Perhaps something that says, oh, SEIU or ACORN or UAW," mused the President. The bill could be presented to Congress as early as next week, piggybacked with the "Expensive Chinese Vase Act," which requires all Americans to purchase Ming Dynasty pottery for those least able to afford it.Digg! (Photo: www.yellowcabofsavannah.com)

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