Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Series Stars Michelle Obama's Arms

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Executives at Sony announced a new TV series starring the buff, feminine arms of the First Lady. Titled Totally Amazing Arms, the storyline revolves around an accident suffered by Michelle Obama while touring a secret government lab. The accident caused her powerful, sleek arms to develop a life of their own. Every night, Michelle's strong, well-defined, womanly arms sneak away to pummel greedy bond holders or hug community activists. "For this show, we want a young demographic," said producer Sandor Glim. "We want kids who like Obama, kids who like disembodied arms, kids who like disembodied arm hero shows. We're gonna run a few test clips at Comicon and tune it up from there." Glim is already working on a companion piece called Power Pecs. Digg! (Photo:

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Steve Burri said...

And 'Groovy Gluteals!'

Instead of T&A, it will be P&G.