Saturday, May 30, 2009

Biden Keeps Pre-Election Pledge: Attends Puppet Show

READING, PA - Vice-President Joe Biden fulfilled a campaign promise to himself. "I said that if we won the election, I'd take myself to a puppet show. So here I am." Biden attended a performance of Peter and the Wolf at the Reading Marionette Theater. Said director Roland Tracy, "He really enjoyed himself. He was clapping and hooting along with the rest of the kids. Afterwards, the Vice-President asked to meet the cast, but grew angry when he learned that adults operated the puppets. I thought he knew going in." Digg! (Photo:


Dutch said...

So many comments, all of which end with Joe saying he knows what it feels like to have some one else's hand up where it doesn't belong or to have some pulling his strings. But don't you agree puppets are weird and eerie looking things when the puppeteer puts them down. They just lay there with their lifeless eyes staring at you, threatening you, accusing you, just like Joe Bidden but without the hair plugs and creepy sexual vibe.

Steve Burri said...

The puppets were angry, too, when they found out that there wasn't an adult operating the Vice President.