Monday, January 3, 2011

Patients Fondly Recall Dental Mishaps

TACOMA, WA - In a Starbucks within sight of the water three people laughed and sipped their lattes, recalling the dental mishaps that drew them together last year. "We all were patients of the same awful dentist," said Casper Piling through reddish copper teeth. "At different times, we heard each other hollering and swearing, even though we hadn't officially met." Tina Ming giggled in agreement. Though only 28 and fashionably dressed, her single remaining tooth made her appear much younger or considerably older. "I saw this nut Casper in the lobby," she joked. "He was tearing up magazines and stuffing the pages in his mouth to slow the bleeding. But then he put his big mitts on a People Magazine  I was reaching for." Eleanor Platte chimed in, scribbling on a pad as her mouth had been accidentally sealed with dental glue. "Tina and Casper started arguing, but then discovered they were both very unhappy with the quality of dental care we'd been receiving. Then I joined them, making grunting noises like The Mummy. But they welcomed me as an equal." While discussing possible legal action, the trio learned they shared interests in World of Warcraft and ham sculptures. "Now we're best friends," said Casper. "And we owe it all to bad dentistry." Tina laughed, "You'd have more luck separating Eleanor's lips than getting the three of us apart." Eleanor nodded vigorously, writing, "It's so good to meet new people and share interests. I think I'm slowly starving to death. Does it show?" (Image: Geekologie)

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