Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Techno Remix of 'Shaddap You Face" Meets YouTube Disapproval

MONCLOUD, WI -An unemployed hockey coach uploaded a techno remix of 1980's novelty song "Shaddap You Face," sparking a round of hostile remarks in the Comments Section of his YouTube page. Under the handle of BigStick, former high school coach Hal Norman fought back against caustic posts directed at his uptempo remix of the Joe Dolce hit.

lmaddy21: Wow, this really sux!

BigStick: Pork me.

armwick: Bro, did you have to? LMAO!

BigStick: How 'bout a mouthful of meat puck?

labear: I love that part after Whatsamatta You? (hey!)/Gotta no respect? when the bass line and the drums kick in. My spinal column lit up like a giant torch. Keep going. Go further.

BigStick: Thanks, labear. Everyone else around here can pound hash up their butt with a ice scraper.

dancin4ever12987: Considering you have between 120 and 145 bpm plus short, melodic, repetitive, synthesizer phrases (especially after the lyric Why you looka so sad? when the claves seemed to continue into eternity), shouldn't you label this trance music?

BigStick: Just "Like It," Okay? Don't get all show-offy, weirdo.

lmaddy21: You're the weirdo. Why did you even pick this song? Couldn't find Don't Worry, Be Happy?

BigStick: That's my next upload, smart guy. You don't have to listen, or comment, or come around here ever again you living fart.

lmaddy21: Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!


labear: Any chance you'll ever remix the theme song to Maude?

BigStick: Could be...could be. Lemme think about that.

armwick: LMAO!

BigStick: Hey, armwick, you're mom puts out for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Let's see: "Lady Godiva was a freedom rider"...start the bass. Yeah. I'm starting to feel it. "And then there's Maude"—punch in the drums. Oh, yeah. I'm feeling the driving beat. "Right on, Maude."

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