Monday, January 24, 2011

Stock Market Software Purchased on the Web Actually Makes You Rich

 New Millionaires Crowd Nation's Yacht Clubs

 SAN DIEGO, CA - A leaked IRS report has revealed that easy-to-install stock market software purchased over the Web and capable of executing complex trades while you nap is actually quite successful, creating a host of new millionaires. "We can't keep track of them all," said one IRS agent on condition of anonymity. "What's worse, many of our top agents have purchased the same software, grown rich, and left federal service to ski or gamble in Monaco." Relying on powerful algorithms and backed by information from former Wall Street insiders, the software is sold online at an amazing discount. Commented the agent, "These downloads are a license to print money. And yet they often only sell for $72 with a 60-day money back guarantee. Frankly, if this keep up, the whole country will be rich. Me too, I guess." (EDITOR'S NOTE: There was more to this story, but the writer purchased market-trading software online, grew rich, and moved to Paris. I'm going to open another window and visit one of these sites. Ah, there it is: "A SINGLE FOREX TRADE NETTED ME $178,964." Scroll down a bit..say, that is a reasonable price. Let me get out my credit for the it...I'll start it up right away and let powerful algorithms scan the market for...Oh, my goodness! That was fast—I just made $89,000. I'm going to buy a turtleneck and get women. Why am I stil typ


knowledgeseeker said...

Yes, but don't get too rich to keep in touch with me.


Ling Carter said...

I'm back now, KS.

For a time, it was madcap and turbulent.

Not so much now.