Monday, February 16, 2009

Tinseltown Bidding for Hamas Kids' Show

Hollywood, CA - Major studios have been negotiating with Palestine's Al-Aqsa TV for the film rights to Tomorrow's Pioneers. Hosted by 11-year-old Saraa Barhoum, the Hamas program features kid call-ins, religious advice, and exhortations to kill Jews from several costumed co-hosts who, in turn, are killed by the Jews. "It's the whole cycle of violence thing. We really want to run with it as a feature," said MGM spokesperson Abbie Gainor. Costumed characters include Farfour the Mouse, beaten to death during an Israeli interrogation; Nahoul the Bee, who died from an unspecified illness because Israel blocked medical aid; and Nahoul's brother Assud the Jew-Eating Rabbit who perished from wounds inflicted by an Israeli bombing raid. The show's new co-host, Nassur the Bear, has already announced he'll be joining a martyr brigade. "Story gold," said Gainor. "A whole family of giant costumed characters die for their faith. Are their giant costumed friends proud? Sad? Confused? You see the complications." Paramount and Sony are also in the hunt for "Pioneers," with Sony rumored to be leading after offering cash upfront, back-end participation, and nine crates of plastic explosives and a truck of roofing nails.
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