Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Castro, Chavez to Tour

HAVANA - Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez share much more than an affection for secret police. Quite by accident, the dictatorial duo discovered a mutual love of whistling. As Castro recalled, "Hugo and I met to denounce the United States. While waiting for the cameras to roll, I started whistling the theme song from Sanford and Son. Well, get-out-of-town, but Hugo jumped right in and didn't miss a beat. His whistle was strong and clear, like a young nightingale. The man has pipes." Billed as The Whistlers Two, the strong men are working up a medley of 70s TV theme songs plus several original works inspired by the Lord of the Rings sound track. The Whistlers Two have already booked a Marriott in Tempe, Arizona and are rumored to be the opening act for the Styx Sailing-Away-Again reunion tour.

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