Sunday, November 9, 2008

Whores Demand Federal Bailout

NEW YORK CITY - "Tiffani" wearily peered down a deserted Bronx street, muttering, "A lot of nothing — again." The 29-year-old prostitute hadn't had a trick since the previous evening and wondered how she would support a growing drug habit, a pimp, and the need to update her work wardrobe. "Everyone thinks these Jessica Simpsons last forever," said "Tiffani," referring to her high-heeled ankle boots. "But the seams are splitting and winter's coming on. I need new boots. Where's the damn government?"
Sanchez' concern is being echoed on street corners and in vehicles all across America as the economy tightens and consumers shelve such extras as dining out, movies, and street prostitution. While figures are inexact, illegal sex, also known as "al fresco amor," is said to be hard hit. Insiders believe the corner whore may soon go the way of the corner grocery store unless the government steps in.
"Cars are getting free money, why not us whores?" complained Kansas City prostitute "Anjelica." While still under discussion, an automotive industry bail out seems likely following federal rescues of insurance giant AIG and the banking industry. All "Anjelica" and others like her wonder is when do sex workers see their share?
"Racism, sexism and homophobia play a large part in the government's non-response," says attorney-activist Lisa Goggins-Root. Representing sex workers in Las Vegas, Googins-Root believes the new administration will take a more pro-active stance. "President Obama won't let the industry collapse. You're talking about a ripple effect, impacting drug and condom sales, rip-offs, and clinics treating sexually-transmitted diseases. We've got to prevent street sex from going down."

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