Friday, November 28, 2008

New "Nutcracker" Features Convict Cast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The People's All-Natural Theatre announced they will be staging The Nutcracker with a cast of recently released, maximum security inmates. "We wanted 'street.' We wanted gritty-now-realism," said director Toby Manning, age 47. Recovering from a stab wound inflicted by the Mouse King, Manning felt his actors' natural menace would bring an edginess to a production in dire need of same. "For years we've put on the same boring fantasy. Now, finally, we've dragged "Nutcracker" into the 21st century." Rehearsals have been suspended, pending the recovery of lights and equipment believed to have been "borrowed" by Herr Drosselmeyer and the Sugar Plum Fairy. 


GM Roper said...

Funny, funny site. I've added you to my regular reads.

Ling Carter said...

Thank you, GM Roper.