Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama to Skateboad, Sing Badly on YouTube

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - New media master Barack Obama plans to continue employing YouTube to connect with young supporters. In addition to uploading his latest address, a Google spokesperson states Obama has filmed several videos in preparation for what may become a White House YouTube channel. Included are:
A rap video of Obama singing policy proposals over quirky camera moves, digital effects, and hot chicks.
Obama constructing a banjo using a container of anti-freeze.
Policy advisers and Obama skateboarding down the ramp of a five-story parking structure, ending with Obama hitting his groin on the bumper of a Ford Explorer while the advisers laugh.
In the meantime, a three-minute pilot video showing future White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel cursing and driving a steak knife into a coffee table already has over 234,000 views.

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