Monday, November 17, 2008

Loser Jihadi Beheads Himself

KABUL - A video received by NATO forces showed an angry Taliban fighter chopping off his own head. A man identified as Rashid Zahed knelt before a camera and hacked at his neck with a large sword. During the cumbersome, grisly procedure, Zahed shouted, "Infidels beware! You think this bothers me? I'm fine!"

After viewing the tape, UCLA psychologist Gibson Howard
remarked, "I believe Zahed had trouble expressing anger in a healthy way." Intercepted communications supported Howard's theory. Taliban leaders were overheard complaining that Zahed arrived late to attacks, sulked at orders, and never picked up the check at after work events.

What sort of paradise might await such a sullen jihadi? Gibson guessed that, " Zahed will probably blame all 70 virgins for his death, shun their affection, then further alienate them with promises that he'll "forget" making. In other words, he'll be quite happy. "

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