Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prop 8 Protest Foiled by Osmond Music

FULLERTON, CA – Gay activists demonstrating over Proposition 8 were driven from a Mormon temple after church elders played the soundtrack from “Goin’ Coconuts.” This 1978 Donny and Marie Osmond film featured the siblings singing a medley of Hawaiian songs. “We had everything planned,” said activist leader Wayne Perris. “Throwing condoms; “Jesus was a Homo” signs. We ran into the temple and suddenly we’re deafened by “Little Grass Shack.” It was so sappy and wholesome. I felt like I’d been tear gassed.” Perris was uncertain as to how he’d counter the “Coconut Defense.” “Maybe we’ll put wax in our ears or something.” He peered around, then lowered his voice. “I started tapping my foot during “The Love Song of Khalua.” Please don’t tell anyone.”

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