Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Law and Order: SUV' Highlights Auto Showroom Crime

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NBC is promoting a new series that will expand the successful Law and Order franchise into the world of auto dealerships with the hard-hitting, Law and Order: SUV. Ripped from today's headlines, the series follows an NYPD detective unit charged with investigating crimes in and around auto showrooms as well as the prosecution of such crimes. Driving specially-equipped GMC Yukons, the unit does double duty, investigating minor crimes at Chrysler lots such as change-pilfering mechanics and customers who pocket coffee creamer, then tackling felonies at Ford lots. According to an insider, the show is being funded with stimulus dollars and will be sponsored by GMC. "All the ugly stuff like rape, child-molestation, and incest take place at Ford dealerships. Also, everyone driving a Ford vehicle is overweight, bald, and smokes. Everyone driving a GMC is young, fit, well-dressed, concerned about the environment and favors common sense gun-control. Other than that, it's just a regular crime show."

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