Saturday, March 27, 2010

North Korea Borrows Electric Light for Earth Hour

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA - Anxious to show Earth Hour solidarity with other nations, an embarrassed North Korea was forced to borrow a table lamp from South Korea in order to have electricity to turn off. "The whole country is darker than the eyes of an ox," said Dak-ho Kim, a South Korean soldier. "They have nothing, except a large nuclear bomb." North Korean officials refused to answer queries, but sources inside the government indicated that participating in Earth Hour was a signal to the U.S. that the North was interested in talks as a precondition to more serious talks that could lead to a nice conference somewhere. Earth Hour is in its fourth year, organized by the World Wildlife Fund as a gesture to increase environmental awareness. (The WWF is also noted for creating pretend climate change data and having it placed into IPCC reports.) At the end of Earth Hour, Kim reported North Korea refused to return the lamp, instead eating it with grass and pond water.


Sailingbum said...

I always thought the WWF was the World Wrestling Federation??
Oh well, they both promote something fake!!

Ling Carter said...

World Wrestling Federation recently announced Green Midget Wrestling, but were vague on the details.