Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apple Debuts iMower

CUPERTINO, CA - Apple has developed a new iPad built into a Snapper 54-inch Yardmaster riding mower. Executives unveiled the computer/mower on the 18th fairway of the Deep Cliff Golf Course, uploading ebook pages from a swivel screen on the right arm rest while trimming back the rough. "The iMower is a response to critics who said the iPad couldn't multitask," said Apple spokesperson Julian Billet. "Now you can surf the web and cut the grass of any golf course or cemetery. I'd call that doing two things at once." Weighing over a thousand pounds, the iMower comes equipped with a 1024 x 768 screen, iPhone OS 3.2, electric blade engagement, and a 6-galleon fuel tank. Said Billet, "I'm thinking the next generation iMower will have a removable iPad, so you can take it inside upon completion of your lawn care needs. But one thing at a time."

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