Friday, June 19, 2009

Tattooed Garofolo Knows Naval History

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Sporting more tattoos than a Chief Petty Officer, actress Janeane Garofolo, to the surprise of many, features naval-themed body paintings that would warm the heart of any bluejacket. Among her inkings, the outspoken liberal activist has a "tramp stamp" of the cruiser U.S.S. Vincennes sinking in flames off Savo Island. On her left buttocks is the exploding battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood, with a perspective inking of the Bismarck's stern, giving the impression that the German battleship is sailing away into bun cleavage.  On her tummy, the diminutive funny woman features the General Belgrano. Garofolo's belly button is positioned on the cruiser's hull exactly where the British torpedo struck that sunk the Argentine warship. But Garofolo's prize is the Battle of Manilla Bay. Admiral Dewey's squadron, led by cruiser U.S.S. Olympia, is depicted firing on the Spanish flotilla, inflicting devastating damage on a canvas stretching along the spinal column and between the shoulder blades, as well as including a portion of the neck where there is an astoundingly accurate rendering of the port city of Cavite as it appeared in 1898. Outspoken on political matters, Garofolo won't discuss her devotion to naval art. Said one source, "Janeane may've been worried the navy stuff would cost her the job at Air America. But that's not a worry anymore, so I don't know."  Digg! (Photo: & Wikipedia)


Dutch said...

I hope she left room for the USS Kearsarge/CSA Alabama fight. I have The Death Ride of the German Battle Cruisers at Jutland tattoo in a place I can only show friends I don't like very much. Lets just say Jellicoe's Grand Fleet pursuing them gets bigger if you get too close.

Ling Carter said...

A small woman, her lover of nautical things knows no bounds.

Which may account for rumors of midnight frolics in a narwhal tank.