Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steve Jobs Liver Sent to Cupertino

CUPERTINO, CA - Doctors who recently transplanted Steve Jobs' liver report they were forced to send the organ to Apple headquarters for repair. "There was some kind of legal requirement," said Doctor Mason Harris. "We had to remove the old liver, place it in a special box, then send it from here in Tennessee all the way to Cupertino." After ten days, Apple responded by sending a new liver and an Apple stick-on decal." Jobs' was reportedly in good shape, though Dr. Harris had reservations. "He's fine now, but he'll need a new liver every two years for the rest of his life."Digg! (Photo:

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Dutch said...

I wanted to comment on this but I have a PC and there was a conflict between my DLL and the browser that would require software authentication and down loading a new suite of drivers. I forget what was the post about?