Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Apologizes to D-Day Beaches

NORMANDY, FRANCE - In a stirring speech, President Barack Obama apologized to Utah and Omaha beaches for Americans landing on them sixty-five years ago. "It must have hurt your sand a great deal," said the President. "I know that when I golf, I always have someone rake my traps. I can only imagine the discomfort of millions of men tramping across you and not cleaning up behind." Pausing for effect, the President continued: "But those days are gone. We are just a nation among nations, friend to sand everywhere. And should the sand have oil underneath it, well, what's wrong with that?" The President refused comment on whether British and Canadian representatives would apologize to Gold, Juno and Sword beaches. "I would hope that sand everywhere is respected. Much of my policy is built upon this substance and I know its worth." Digg! ( images/omaha-beach.jpg)

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Steve Burri said...


The beaches that were actually trampled on are all either dead or in beach nursing homes. So I assume President Obama has apologized to sons of beaches.