Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jews Confirm Rev. Wright Being Kept From Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a shadowy basement corner of the White House smelling of corn beef, Jews confirmed accusations by Reverend Jeremiah Wright that he is blocked from the President. One Jew stated, "Oye, that Wright is clever. We need him wising up Obama like we need a hole in the head." The Jews acknowledged Reverend Wright has been on to them for many years. A Jew complained, "Gaza genocide, AIDS in the ghetto, Zionist world conquest, are there any of our schemes Wright doesn't know?" Baffled by Wright's keen insight and political savvy, the Jews vented frustration at being foiled time and again by the elderly clergyman. "Like a Sherlock Holmes this one, spilling our plots," shouted a Jew. "Naturally, he is like a father to the President so we cannot touch him. The best we can do is erase his calls." The Jews were relieved their plan to destroy American private enterprise through emergency regulations hadn't been discovered. "But give Wright time," said a Jew. "Old Mr. Smarty Pants will figure that one out too. Then he'll tell the media. The whole government take-over of private business will be investigated by disinterested reporters, dedicated to their watchdog function as guardians of the republic. Oye gevalt, can you say 'trouble?'" Digg! (Photo: &

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Anonymous said...

What will the goyim say?
Who cares!
Pass the pastrami - it should be steamed, have some fat on it, and be served on toasted rye bread with Russian dressing.