Monday, June 22, 2009

FTC Requests Firearms Training

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As regulation looms on blogger affiliate marketing, the Federal Trade Commission petitioned Congress to allow its agents to carry weapons. "Our new regulations will be called WAAM, the War Against Affiliate Marketing," said Jerry Armbruster, FTC division of advertising oversight. "And we're gonna need all the tools we can get." Armbruster drew a grim picture of what lay ahead for the FTC: "Let's be frank: we're dealing with bloggers who often make up to four dollars a month on an Amazon Associates Link. Or else they get coupons for things and don't tell consumers. With all that at stake, you can bet our staff won't take any chances." If approved, FTC personnel would be trained on the Glock. 40 caliber pistol and the Heckler-Koch HK G36 assault rifle with dual sight system and 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher. Armbruster looked forward to firing weapons, "Guns make me hard as a parking lot." In closing, Armbruster mentioned a legal point. "The home, apartment, condo, etc. of any blogger in violation of WAAM will be designated a 'compound.' Now you know."Digg! (Photo:


Dutch said...

I'll stop bloging when they pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands or find full time employment. You can make four bucks a month bloging?

Ling Carter said...

Some of the whales do.