Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monaco Refuses Gitmo Detainees

PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO - The State Department attempted to leave seventeen al-Qaeda trained Chinese Uighurs inside a casino dressed as gamblers. Wearing tuxedo jackets, orange detainee jumpsuits and cumber buns, the Chinese arrived by train from the Nice airport in the custody of State Department special assistant Mark Hagen. Hagen transported the Chinese to the casino where he introduced them to a croupier as "wealthy shoe salesmen from Hong Kong" then tried to quickly walk out. Casino security returned the Chinese to Hagen who stated he'd "forgot." Monaco's ruler, Prince Albert II, has lodged a formal complaint with the Secretary of State. Mrs. Clinton vowed to investigate Mark Hagen as soon as he finishes escorting seventeen wealthy restaurant owners to Liechtenstein. Digg! (Photo: www.tripadvisor.com)

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Steve Burri said...

At least the Obama administration is not hypocritical. They have retained 4 detainees as assistant speech writers and 5 as Quran study leaders.