Friday, November 27, 2009

Adam Lambert Guest Stars on Sesame Street

NEW YORK CITY, NY - American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert caused a sensation with his bawdy performance on a recent episode of Sesame Street, leading to thousands of parental complaints. During Murray's Word on the Street segment the gay glam rocker refused to interact and, instead, shoved Murray's face into his crotch. Later, Lambert dry humped Bert and Ernie, planted a full facial kiss on the Count, and attempted to press amyl nitrite and a hotel key into the hand of the Cookie Monster. Adam Lambert was defiant. "I'm a gay man and a gay entertainer. Anyone who doesn't like what I do is homophobic." The popular PBS educational program admitted they made a terrible mistake in casting Lambert. "We thought he'd have fun with the Muppets and sing a cute song," said a PBS spokesperson who requested anonymity. "But this was real seedy." (Photo: &


Joline said...

Not funny. This is an attempt at humor and it failed on many levels.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the same Adam Lambert that asked his fans to give money to school art education $277,000?

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You would think that is what actually happened with all this fuss. Check this out if you want to notice a double standard.