Saturday, November 7, 2009

Robber Blames Spree on 'Band of Brothers' PTSD

PALMYRA, NJ - A man arrested for robbing four stores in a mini-mall blamed his actions on PTSD, acquired after seeing Band of Brothers. Dillon Malone told police that after viewing the last episode of the popular World War II mini-series, he felt tense and anxious. Malone's attorney, Victor Angeletti stated, "Let's face it: watching several hours of combat in the European Theater is no picnic. Malone's symptoms are classic post-traumatic-stress-disorder such as you only observe in combat veterans." Malone has numerous convictions for armed robbery, burglary, and theft, as well as an expensive meth amphetamine habit. He was overheard telling tavern patrons that when he needed money he just took it at gunpoint. However, Angeletti cautioned against a rush to judgement. "There's no way we'll ever know what triggered my client's outburst. But clearly PTSD was in the mix, accelerated by an inadequate health care system that ignores the needs of our nation's second-hand veterans." (Photo:

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Steve Burri said...

Maybe he'll have better luck than I had with 'The Hogan's Heroes Defense.'