Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Church Holds Conference on Alien Life, Bingo Discussed

VATICAN CITY, ITALY - Catholic Church officials presented the results of an astrobiology conference discussing the possibility of life on other planets and whether that life played games of chance such as bingo. Said Fr. Carlos Remy of the Vatican Observatory, "If intelligent beings exist in outer space it's entirely possible they have developed games involving randomly drawn numbers. Perhaps they use cards made out of alien metal and, instead of corn, mark their places with space diamonds." Scientist Ben Francis of the University of Arizona agreed. "Part of Mankind's hubris has been a sort of 'bingocentrism.' We automatically discount the idea that other beings might engage in soft gambling to win a new space vehicle or a family trip to the Crab Nebula." In addition, the conference also discussed alien pot-luck suppers, allowing that celestial beings might use exotic minerals and gases to create their casseroles. (Photo:


Anonymous said...

From Annec/ An Analog From Adam to Nero
The book formulates an early Bronze Age culture and confirms the birth of Adam (2965 BC). We speak of linearity and thread a program with compassion. People dream during the day time and we dream with linearity. We dream at night, but without constraints and linearity.
After Nero, we have a prolific philosophy and a theology that may be; a glass half full or half empty. James the Lesser embraces a political advent of the culture, and being not deaf to the truth and blind to reality, let us pray that nuclear war is out dated. Such was said of the crossbow and the cannon.

The Church employed Swedenborg
(1745-1748) and He traversed to Jupiter and to the Moon, and lastly to Heaven itself. Now we have been to the Moon and found none of his little people with loud voices present, and heaven vanishes.

Ling Carter said...

Interesting take.