Sunday, November 15, 2009

Olympic Committee Adds Egg and Spoon Run

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND - The International Olympic Committee has approved the egg and spoon run for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Once relegated to company picnics and school carnivals, the event features runners covering various distances clenching a spoon in which they must balance an egg. Should the egg fall out and break, the runner is disqualified. Vim Meyers, committee spokesperson, elaborated: "If the egg falls but the runner is able to make a catch and replace it in the spoon unbroken, then it will be considered proper and legal." Though the distances have yet to be finalized, it is believed there will be a five kilometer, ten kilometer and marathon (42 kilometer) egg and spoon run. "I believe this sport will erase East African dominance and make distance running more competitive. Unless the Kenyans practice with ostrich eggs. Then they will win." Meyers vehemently denied rumors of an egg and spoon sprint triathlon. "Please, this is the Olympics. Let's not make it a joke." (Photo:

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