Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Al Gore Promotes Waterless Toilet

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Environmental businessman Al Gore recently invested in the Log Jam Waterless Commode, a toilet relying on dung beetles to devour waste. Manufactured by Aqua Frei Corporation, the toilet is touted as savings millions of gallons lost daily to unnecessary flushes. Said Aqua Frei President Alan Millstone, "Do your business, press a button, and big beetles drop down into the bowl and eat up everything in twelve hours or less. These beetles are rigorously trained not to leave the tank, or, if they do, not venture very far." Gore invested 35 million dollars into Aqua Frei, believing passionately in the company's green approach. Congress has already taken up legislation that would mandate Log Jam Waterless Commodes in airports, national park gift shops, and the Smithsonian. When asked if he would replace his home's flush toilets with the Log Jam, the former vice-president sadly declined. "First, let the American people experience the benefits of smart, green technology. I'll suffer with the old toilet for now." (Photo:goliathus.com)

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