Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marathon Ends Without A Heart-Warming Story

GREEK FIRE, NH - The thirty-second annual Greek Fire Marathon ended today without a single heart-warming story. Race Director Jerry Muscoggin was at a loss to explain. "Bad luck, I guess. We had a guy with a rare disease all set to run, but he got food poisoning at a pasta party last night. Then we had this woman running to raise money for insomnia, but she won big in the lottery and slept in. Then there was a father-son team who were running in honor of father and son teams everywhere, but they argued at a water station around Mile 15 and stormed off the course." Muscoggin stated no wheelchair participants enrolled and several runners with artificial legs qualified for New York City and elected to run that marathon instead of Greek Fire. "Our blind runner got married and was on his honeymoon. So all we had were a bunch of healthy runners who trained and had good races and other runners who under-trained and had a miserable time. But nothing to warm your heart about. I hate to say it, but next year we might have to hire a professionally heart-warming person. You don't want to go that route, but why chance it two years in a row?" (Photo:

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