Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wall's Fall Depresses Van Jones

OAKLAND, CA - Inside Woody's Ale House, the television showed German crowds celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall while Van Jones sobbed quietly at the bar. "That wall kept socialism pure," he sniffled. "Once it fell, goodness fell too." The former communist Green Jobs Czar bemoaned the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite East Germany. "Mankind drifts aimlessly now, without the hope of a better tomorrow. And what do we do? We watch as a good man named Mumia Abu-Jamal is framed for cop-killing, deprived of everything except an NPR radio career and the love of Ed Asner. And, of course, we watch George Bush destroy the Twin Towers so concrete dust would blow into New Jersey and Dick Cheney could sell them Haliburton air filters." Jones downed another Alabama Slammer, cursed the bartender for skimping on the amaretto, ordered another, then bellowed, "I wish I were dog poop in Cuba!" When his drink arrived, he chugged it, then staggered out the door, bound for Berkeley. There would be no Cuba tonight for a sad Van Jones. But with Telegraph Avenue nearby, he had something very close: dirty, hopeless people living in poverty in a one-party town. That was the dream Jones had for Mankind - excluding the revolutionary vanguard and their girlfriends. That was the dream that once lived, so long ago, in far-off place called Berlin. (Photos: idiots4obama.blogspot.com&swamppolitics.com)

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