Sunday, April 19, 2009

NBC Tapes 'Oh! Bama'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Production rolls along on a new reality series starring Barack Obama, his half-brothers, and his illegal immigrant aunt. Filmed in the White House, the show focuses on the misadventures of the Obama family as the President runs around the country while his family runs around the White House. "Think The Osbournes meets Billy Carter and Roger Clinton," said producer Gilliam Hall. Early on, Oh! Bama seemed likely to die in pre-production. "We had Secret Service problems because George Obama has been arrested for marijuana, while Samson had some trouble with teenage girls. Luckily, the President doesn't hold a man's past against him, so we got the objections waived." In addition, INS officials granted Aunt Zeituni Onyango a one-year stay. Hall says she commutes between Washington and her home in Boston public housing. "The show is a classic, fish-out-of-water tale," adds Hall. "Turn on the camera and get out of the way." Oh! Bama episodes include such story lines as:

The President interviews a new drug czar who sits on a couch and discovers George's bong.

As a girls' high school class tours the White House, no one can locate Samson and his friend, Bill Clinton.

First Lady Michelle's
Vogue shoot is disrupted by Aunt Zeituni as she collects the crew's plastic water bottles and cashes them in at a recycling center in order to buy food.
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